Epcot Dessert Parties

by Jen on April 19, 2011

On my latest trip to Walt Disney World, I attended an event all about Disney Fairytale Weddings and Honeymoons. One the first day of the event, the evening ended with an Epcot dessert party. I was extremely excited to see what this was all about. The title sounds very appealing, but I was dying to experience it.Italy, an awesome place for a dessert party

The evening started with us meeting at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, before hopping on a bus for Epcot. They took us backstage; we came in by Test Track and proceeded to circle World Showcase in a clockwise manner. We stopped behind Morocco, entered a gate into the park and proceeded to France where our party awaited us.

Our party location was at the middle of the bridge connecting France and the United Kingdom. If you look down from the bridge toward the middle of the lagoon, there are 2 platforms that housed tables, chairs and food stations. Isn’t it everyone’s dream to have a plethora of desserts laid out in front of you for the taking?!?!

The spread was amazing. There were many options set up at 3 different stations. The options each represented a country in the World Showcase area and consisted of cobblers, ice creams, chocolate puddings and soufflés. Coffee, tea and water was also set up and added a nice element to the dessert buffet.

After about an hour of face-stuffing, Illuminations: Reflections of Earth began. The viewing area was okay, the best part being the fact that you didn’t have to fight for a spot along the railing. The party had about 100 people, and the platform provided plenty of space to view the show and breathe at the same time.

All in all a great experience. If you have the opportunity to attend a dessert party, do it. You can also host a dessert party. Prices vary by the spread you would like to have and the amount of people to be involved. There are multiple locations to choose from, and I have yet to hear about a bad location.

This is something so fun and easy to add to your Walt Disney World experience. With parties ranging from 2 people to many, many more, this might be a fun option for your honeymoon, a rehearsal dinner, or even after the wedding, if you are getting married near by or on property.

Another hidden gem of the Walt Disney World Resort! We can book dessert parties for you as well! Let us give you the best honeymoon ever! Request your free quote today!

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